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Shreejana Rawat (CPL)

Shreejana is a new member of AeroSoftCorp, a New company in making Aviation Blogs in Asia. Shreejana belongs to the country of gautam buddha having unique flag of triangular shapein the whole world, Nepal.

she is a girl with extreme enthusiasm to do anything that is new to her and full of risk.she is a daring girl so she chose to be a Pilot. Shreejana completed her
pilot training from flight training services(FTS), johannesburg, south africa. she now,is a holder of commercial pilot licence.

Shreejana always desires to keep going.after her CPL,she is now studying bachelors in business science(BBS) 2nd year.
she believes be the one you want to see yourself being not the one others want to see you being.shreejana accepts that a
person should do the things in better way than doing the things that are supposed to be good.

Shreejana Rawat [ CPL ]
Aviation NEWS Editor / Blog Master

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