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#24 Happiness for a mother:

Happiness for a mother: To hold child in her arms for the first time!
Happiness is a kind of emotional or mental state of well being defined
by pleasant and positive emotions.

A woman plays so many roles in her life, when she came into the world;
she is a daughter, sister and after marriage become someone’s wife.
But among the entire role that gives her happiness and make her
complete is when she became a mother. The best feeling in the world is
being a mom for the first time.

A baby is very small but his smile, first time he speaks or walks will
brighten your day and fill your happiness. In the negative atmosphere
also, one smile of your child can make your forget all your worries of

For mother, happiness is only seeing your baby is smiling and healthy.

A   mother’s happiness is like a beacon, lighting up the future, but
reflected also on the past in the guise of fond memories.

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#23 The one thing which made me Stand on Cloud Nine!

Happiness is something which brings joy or contentment to you. It is what keeps you in high spirits. But it may vary from person to person. I may be happy if I get a rose, but you may find pleasure in Jasmine instead. Some may find God by reaching out to others. They will put themselves out to wipe out the tears of the poor and needy. Now let me toss around something which gave immense pleasure to me.
This is what happiness is all about according to me!
As a mother, I feel I have a greater responsibility to mold my children's personality. It is not just enough to make them happy. Instead, I have to bend over backwards to make them a better woman. I have to get in on the act of doing their homework, cooking for them and making them learn music. Didn't I enjoy doing all these? Yes. But Awhhh! I was still unhappy. There was that one thing which kept on haunting me from inside. Even though I could make my children join in a good school which would make them well schooled ponies, bei…

#22 Balance between Professional and Personal Life

#22 Balance between Professional and Personal Life

Maintaining a Balance between Professional and Personal Life is a way to be happy Everyone wants to earn a decent 6 digit salary to lead a life they aspire to live. They have big ambitions in life. One may dream to build a castle, one may aspire to maintain a huge bank balance. Is he maintaining a balance between professional and personal life? It is an important topic to discuss,  if not properly dealt with would lead to serious problems in life.
This problem is head wrecking for ladies than for men. Men go to work and when they come back they can rest till they go to work the next day. But it is a Herculean task for women the failing of which will make everything go for a toss. They have to do multitasking. They have to perform magic in both the places that is Office and the one sweet home! Doesn't it sound so awkward? Hmm.But they have to anyways do this to put her husband and children in high spirits.
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