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#0021 Happiness of a Child By Protima Guha [MBA HR ] I am happy u r happy

#0021  I Am Happy You Are Happy

Human being constantly keeps on changing their emotional state based on circumstance and existing environment.  Elements like sad, happy, anger, depression etc are part of our life. Just after a dark phase of our life, glowing morning sun brings us happiness. The definition of happiness can vary from person to person as happiness of one person may not bring smile on the face of another. Yet people try different techniques to make themselves and their loved one happy. The emotional state ‘Happiness’ will be different to each individual based on their mentality, age, society and economical background.

Happiness of a Child
We elders are happy on meeting our goal or getting success in our work schedule. But, children are quite different than us. They are innocent and have their though far away from this complex world of profit.

Your child will be happy to spend some time with you as he misses you while you are out for your job. The tiny little girl is really ha…

#0020 Cutu Ka BirthDay 17 Feb 2015

#0020  Unforgettable Moment ..

Cutu Ka BirthDay 17 Feb 2015