#0021 Happiness of a Child By Protima Guha [MBA HR ] I am happy u r happy

#0021  I Am Happy You Are Happy

Human being constantly keeps on changing their emotional state based on circumstance and existing environment.  Elements like sad, happy, anger, depression etc are part of our life. Just after a dark phase of our life, glowing morning sun brings us happiness. The definition of happiness can vary from person to person as happiness of one person may not bring smile on the face of another. Yet people try different techniques to make themselves and their loved one happy. The emotional state ‘Happiness’ will be different to each individual based on their mentality, age, society and economical background.

Happiness of a Child

We elders are happy on meeting our goal or getting success in our work schedule. But, children are quite different than us. They are innocent and have their though far away from this complex world of profit.

Your child will be happy to spend some time with you as he misses you while you are out for your job. The tiny little girl is really happy to be within the arms of her parents.   Her happiness could be easily established from her sweet smile. She gets a cozy feeling and protection with her parents.

 Another way of making him happy is associating your child with other children of same age. Look at the cute little children in triplet expressing their happiness. They are shouting with pleasure with joyous feeling within their mind.

Kids are also happy in dealing with some adventurous activities. Look how happy the kids are looking while they are pursuing their river rafting activity. If parents really wish to see their child happy, send them for some adventurous activities.

Happiness of Mother

The term ‘Mother’ is very well connected to her child of any age. She is the woman to keep her child in her womb for 9 long months before the child open eyes to see the world.

It is a critical process to give birth to a child before and after which mother needs to bear physical pain. But, the moment she discovers her child in her arms, all her pains vanishes and a sweet smile replace all difficulties with happiness.

The next step of mother’s happiness lies when the new born child holds her hand for the first time. The baby starts depending on her and she gets pleasure with the innocent touch of the baby.

Your child getting good marks or getting a rank in school would bring happiness on your face. Mother will be happier to see her child happy after his/her first achievement.
Thus the concept ‘I am happy you are happy’ becomes meaningful when children are happy which in turn brings happiness on the face of their parents. Again, mothers are really touched to see every activities of their child which in turn brings happiness to them.

My happiest moment


I personally have weakness towards kids and feel myself happier to see them happy. Recently we celebrated our first anniversary and were really happy to receive fresh flowers from kids belonging to poor families. I received many expensive gifts from my friends and relatives but, the smile on the face of these kids made my day.

Protima Guha [MBA HR]
  I am happy u r happy

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