#23 The one thing which made me Stand on Cloud Nine!

Happiness is something which brings joy or contentment to you. It is what keeps you in high spirits. But it may vary from person to person. I may be happy if I get a rose, but you may find pleasure in Jasmine instead. Some may find God by reaching out to others. They will put themselves out to wipe out the tears of the poor and needy. Now let me toss around something which gave immense pleasure to me.
This is what happiness is all about according to me!
As a mother, I feel I have a greater responsibility to mold my children's personality. It is not just enough to make them happy. Instead, I have to bend over backwards to make them a better woman. I have to get in on the act of doing their homework, cooking for them and making them learn music. Didn't I enjoy doing all these? Yes. But Awhhh! I was still unhappy. There was that one thing which kept on haunting me from inside. Even though I could make my children join in a good school which would make them well schooled ponies, being away from their father constantly disturbed them and me equally. My husband is in foreign lands and they started missing him so badly day after day.

I pondered over this problem so hard and finally decided to pick up a discussion with my husband. Because my happiness is hidden in their smile. I was still at sixes and sevens as admission overseas is a Herculean task. Before I could finish my discussion and make further plans for shifting, they started dreaming about the day when my they would live with their father permanently.
To my amazement after a couple of weeks they got admission in one of the best schools in Abudhabi. We were in euphoria and thanked our stars for being kind to us. At that moment I realized that heaven is on earth not somewhere above the cloud.

There is no unit to measure one's happiness. It is not something which we can buy in an expensive store. It is created by us. Discover happiness in everything. If you can't then invent ways to be happy!

Ramya [LLB, MBA]




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