#22 Balance between Professional and Personal Life

#22 Balance between Professional and Personal Life

Maintaining a Balance between Professional and Personal Life is a way to be happy
Everyone wants to earn a decent 6 digit salary to lead a life they aspire to live. They have big ambitions in life. One may dream to build a castle, one may aspire to maintain a huge bank balance. Is he maintaining a balance between professional and personal life? It is an important topic to discuss,  if not properly dealt with would lead to serious problems in life.

This problem is head wrecking for ladies than for men. Men go to work and when they come back they can rest till they go to work the next day. But it is a Herculean task for women the failing of which will make everything go for a toss. They have to do multitasking. They have to perform magic in both the places that is Office and the one sweet home! Doesn't it sound so awkward? Hmm.But they have to anyways do this to put her husband and children in high spirits.

I am Ramya and I have done my Law and MBA. Initially I felt being a woman is a whammy,  but later on I explored ways to be happy. Since I have two daughters and I am in a foreign country, I can't leave my children and go to the office. I don't like the idea of leaving my children with a nanny because they will not get the motherly affection from me. But the passion inside me did not vanish or die out.It was there lying buried deep inside my heart. These passions waited for getting the wings to fly up in the air.

I was baffled when I started to think about a way to solve this problem. Thanks to the internet. Now I have found out a way to balance my professional and personal life! Work from home is one of the  brilliant options available for many young mothers like me. I can work during my free time and at the same time can take care of my daughters properly. When I see other parents who find it very difficult to bring about a balance between professional and personal life, my heart goes out to them. Aw! At last I am happy,they are also happy.
Friends, My sincere advice is to find out ways to solve a problem. Trust me it is only a mind block which stops you from trying. Try and keep on trying till you succeed

Ramya [LLB, MBA]




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