#0002 Clean Car in Morning

I Got A Clean Car 
It was a Beautiful Morning of March, Trees and Birds singing. I was about to leave for my Office AeroSoft Corp in Next 2 Hrs. My Driver Left the Job last week, So I decided to Clean out my Toyota Etios  Car befor going for a Shower. 

When I saw My Car It was Very Much Clean Now.  My Watch Man Deepak Sharma and his Kids did this befor I Did. Even He Cleaned My Alto Car as well.  I am still in Pleasent Shock. They Saved me And My Time. I don't even know where he came from that fast.

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I Remember the Mail from Mike couple of days back.

It may Seem Odd to people who live outside New York, but New Yorkers don’t really get to Wash their own cars. We Live in Apartment Buildings and there’s no hoses or extension cords to do the Job with. And Real Estate is too expensive for those high pressure spray self-service car washes you see in other places.  So as odd as it sounds I’ve really been looking forward to washing my own car. But parking is such that it’s hard to find a time get the spot directly in front of the house. So Friday I queued up during alternate side parking and got the spot in front of the house and spent the rest of the morning washing the car. Turns out I was missing wax – so that didn’t get done, but the car looked much better after I was done…


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Toyota Etios, 
Clean Car in Morning,
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