#0005 Few Roses In My Garden

My Roses in My Garden 

Our Small Garden is a Beautiful Sanctuary to be in. 
Our Garden is a special place, and so Near and So Dear to Our Heart. 
So in the Early Morning there, I watch the new day start.

As I look out to my Garden and Few Roses I Plant the Tree
I feel a Great Sense of Pride It really is a lovely Room
Except it is outside. 

I Love the Sight of Stones and Rocks And Driftwood and Tree Ferns to
The sounds of all my chimes I know you would like it to.

With pride We Walk around Our Dear Garden And Savour each Scent and Smell
Colours of Yellow, Red and gold Striped cushion on a bench.

There's not much more that I can say Except if you have your own
It won't take long to build it up  Seeds will bloom once they are sown.

I Love My Roses From I Plant the Tree

Sheba Haleem

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