#0008 To See Small Blogger on Work

Location : Indore India
Master Yashraj Kandiya [11]  
Master Soham Gupta [6]

Success is not the key to Happiness. 
Happiness is the Key to Success. 
If you love What All You are Doing, 
You Will be 100% Successful Soon

I wanted to see Small Kids to do Blogging
When I Motivate 2 Young Guys 
Master Yashraj Kandiya [11]  and Master Soham Gupta [6]
They both Got ready. The Best Part Naidunia Hindi News Paper 
Given a Big Article on Blogging too. 

Most Of the UnSuccessful Peoples 
Who Quit
Don't Even  Realise 
How Close They Were 
From Success
When They Quit


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